Castle Cruises (Plus)

Castle Cruises – a treasure trove for Rhine-romantics, fans of the Middle Ages, and Castle enthusiasts

Some people collect stamps, others expensive cars, and some are garden gnome enthusiasts. Another great passion is exploring castles and chateaus. Our classic Castle Cruise is the perfect choice, as the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Upper Middle Rhine Valley, has one of the largest concentrations of castles, and other former residences of the nobility, of any river region. Between Bingen / Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen/Trechtingshausen, you will see some of the finest examples, including Burg Rheinstein (Castle Rheinstein) and Burg Reichenstein (Castle Reichenstein), the castle ruin Ehrenfels, Castle Klopp, and the Mäuseturm (Mouse Tower). And that's not all. Our tip: Bring your camera or Smartphone to make lasting memories of your impressions and relax and enjoy the ride!

Castle Cruises PLUS – for those who just can't get enough of knights' castles and the romance of the Rhine

Along the way, you will also see Castle Rheinstein. Like an eagle’s nest, it is perched on the rocks and beckons for your exploration. Take advantage of the Castle Cruise Plus offer which includes entry into the castle. Get off the boat and enjoy the history, location, and views this extraordinary castle has to offer.

Castle Cruise Map

Ticket Prices - Castle Cruises
  One-Way Roundtrip
Cruise 11.90 €
Rüdesheim to Bingen 2.50 € 4.50 €
Rüdesheim or Bingen to
Assmannshausen or Castle Rheinstein 6.50 € 8.50 €
Rüdesheim or Bingen to
Trechtingshausen 9.90 € 11.90 €
Assmannshausen to
Castle Rheinstein 5.50 € 7.50 €
Castle Cruises PLUS

(Castle Cruise & Entry/ Visit Castle Rheinstein)

Children 6 - 14 years of age 7.50 €
Adults 15.00 €
Students (Groups)* 7.50 €

* for every 25 persons, you receive 1 free seat

Schedule - Castle Cruises

Note: Castle Cruises PLUS make a stop at Castle Burg Rheinstein

Seasonal Schedule 2015

Tour B1
May 1 to September 6. Daily. | March 28 to September 20. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

Tour B2
May 1 to September 6. Daily. | March 28 to November 1. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

Tour B3 and B4
March 28 to November 8. Daily.

Tour B5
July 4 to August 16. Daily. | May 1 to November 1. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.
Due to the fireworks spectacular, "Rhine in Flames," there will be no Tour B5 on August 8.


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