Ringticket (circuit ticket)

Ringticket (circuit ticket) –The tour that has everything: Mountains and Valleys, Chair Lifts and Ships

A day-trip with many stops for exploration -- a hit with children, adults, groups, and individual travelers

Rest and relaxation are important aspects of a vacation, but so are adventure and great entertainment. While some are drawn to museums or shopping, others prefer to get out and see the sights of a particular region and seek out the best day trips. The Ringticket fulfills every wish and offers a true world of adventure on the Rhine. The chair lift brings you to heights that afford stunning views, regardless of whether you start in Ruedesheim or Assmannshausen. The ships bring you efficiently and comfortably to your chosen destinations and allow you to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Rhine Valley along the way. Once you have reached the forested heights, you can hike through the natural, green landscape of the Rhine. The Ostein Park, which offers a wide range of attractions, is a highlight of the trip. A long time ago, Count Ostein established a one-of-a-kind, wooded park that still seems like a magic kingdom to visitors today. The park's overlooks, temple, and cave are a testament to the creative powers of its builder and, after extensive restoration, the natural features of the park offer visitors a relaxing experience they might not have expected on the Rhine.

Ringticket Recommendations:

- Cruise from Rüdesheim or Bingen to Assmannshausen.
- Chair lift at Assmannshausen to Jagdschloss Niederwald (Hunting Lodge Niederwald)
- Hike (3km) to the Niederwald Memorial
- Gondola ride to Rüdesheim
- Return to Bingen, by cruise ship or passenger ferry

Schedule - Ringticket (PDF)
Schedule starting March 19, 2016 until November 6, 2016, Print all information

Circle Tour - Map

Prices - Ringticket

An unforgettable day-trip in the Niederwald including chair-lift, gondola, and ship.

per person 14.00 €
per child (age 5 - 15) 7.00 €
Groups with 20 persons or more/ per person 13.00 €
Student groups up to age 18 / per student 6.50 €

Schedule - Ringticket
Fahrplan Ringticket 2014

Seasonal Schedule 2016

Tour "B1"
April 29th to September 4th. Daily. |March 19th to November 1st. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

Tour "B2, B3 and B4"
March 19th to November 6th. Daily.

Tour B5
July 1st to August 14th. Daily. | April 28th to November 1st. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.
There will be no Tour B5 on July 2nd, August 13th, 2016 due to the fireworks spectacular, "Rhine in Flames."

Tour "L1, L2, L3"
March 19th to November 1st, 2016. Daily.

Tour L3
On July 2nd, August 13th, September 10th and September 17th, 2016, all departure times of Tour L3 will be one hour earlier due to the fireworks spectacular, "Rhine in Flames."

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