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The Bingen-Rüdesheimer Fähr- und Schiffahrtsgesellschaft
(The Bingen-Ruedesheimer Ferry and Day-Cruise Operating Company)

A Love of the Rhine that flows through Tradition and Modern Times

The "Bingen-Rüdesheimer Fähr- und Schiffahrtsgesellschaft" has its origins in the 100-year-old guilds of ferrymen and Rhine boatmen. The story of this well-known passenger line on the Middle Rhine begins in the years 1927 to 1930. Nine ferrymen of Bingen joined together in 1927/28. During the same timeframe, four boatmen in Ruedesheim formed an association. These two entities bundle their interests in 1930, thereby creating the Bingen-Ruedesheimer Motorboat Owner Cooperative . . .

The closure of the Hindenburg Bridge to road traffic led to the creation of the passenger ferry "City of Bingen," and the car ferry, "City of Ruedesheim" in 1933. To increase passenger capacity, the cooperative ordered the construction of the MS "Regierungsrat Milatz" (Executive Council Milatz) the same year. Word War II did not spare the Rhine Valley, including the shipyard of the Bingen-Ruedesheimer cooperative. It was not until 1946 that the ferries were operational again.

From these beginnings of the motorboat cooperative, the next 50 years would witness the development of the well-known Bingen-Ruedesheimer Ferry and Day-Cruise Operating Company, with its proud fleet of passenger ships and ferries of various construction. Among the highlights of the history of the company is the christening of the new flagship by former President Theodor Heuss on April 30, 1960.

With its fleet of 10 operational entities - 6 passenger ships and 4 ferries - the Bingen-Ruedesheimer passenger line has ranked among the big passenger lines on the Rhine since 2000. Boat tours around the Binger Loch, along the Mäuseturm, Ruin Ehrenfels, Castles Rheinstein and Reichenstein, to St. Goarshausen, Kaub and Bacharach always were and still are on the schedule to this day.

Today, the Bingen-Ruedesheimer Ferry and Day-Cruise Operating Co. offers travelers a modern and efficient fleet complete with every passenger amenity and comfort. We offer regularly scheduled routes, theme cruises, and sightseeing tours of the most beautiful destinations of the Unesco World Heritage Site, Upper Middle Rhine Valley, as well as numerous charter opportunities for events such as reunions, product launches, and corporate presentations. The ferry connections, vital for the cities of Bingen und Ruedesheim, complete the portfolio of this passenger line, steeped in tradition.