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  • ***Es sind noch Tickets für die Fahrt zum Rosenmontagsumzug in Mainz verfügbar*** ***Es sind noch Tickets für den Muttertagsbrunch verfügbar*** weitere Informationen unter "Themenfahrten" oder direkt unter

Carnival Cruise to Mainz 

We celebrate the fifth season with you

Experience the Rosenmontagszug with the Bingen-Rüdesheimer. The Mainz Carnival is the Mainz folk festival, the famous fifth season. Shrovetide, these are great days and cheered nights. The ship leaves from Bingen and Rüdesheim for the Mainz Rosenmontagszug. On board we spoil you with a buffet that leaves nothing to be desired (inclusive). Arrived in Mainz the Rosenmontagszug moves through the most beautiful streets of the city center. In the afternoon it is relaxed again direction home. HELAU and ship ahoy!

  • Event Date: 12.01.2018
  • Adult: 31,11 EUR inc. breakfast buffet
  • Children (6 - 14 years): 16,11 EUR inc. breakfast buffet
  • Departure:
    09:11 clock from Bingen
  • 09:22 Uhr from Rüdesheim
  • Departure: 17:33 from Mainz