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MS Rhenus - Ship with impressive Gallery

A new dimension of the Rhine experience. The "MS Rhenus" allows for new perspectives, and with its modern design concept, ushers in a new era of comfort in the river cruise industry …

MS Vater Rhein (MS Father Rhine)

Father Rhine – the ship could not be more aptly named, as it highlights the close relationship between the white dream ship and the most beautiful section of the great European waterway …

MS Ehrenfels

The castle Ehrenfels on the Rhine presents a striking image in the narrow bend of the River. This is also the case with the passenger ship by the same name …

MS Bingen

The city of Bingen is the gateway to the romantic Rhine and the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In honor of her namesake, the ship "Bingen" leads the way into the unique natural and cultural landscape of the Rhine Valley …