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General Transportation Regulations
for the Ferry Bingen – Ruedesheim


§ 1 Ferry Operating Regulations

The Fährenbetriebsverordnung (FäV) (Ferry Operating Regulations) in their current form are part of the General Transportation Regulations


§ 2 Fare Determination

  1. Passengers are required to voluntarily purchase a ticket through the cashier. All relevant details regarding the calculation of the fare price have to be voluntarily disclosed.
  2. The fare ticket is to be paid in cash Euros (€) and to be saved until the passenger disembarks the ferry. Whenever possible, the fare ticket should be purchased with correct change.
  3. Any passenger who is not in possession of a valid fare ticket upon disembarking the ferry must pay 10 times the posted fare price, an amount no less than € 30.00.
  4. Passes of various time limits and multiple-fare tickets are to be presented on a voluntary basis.
  5. Children ages 6 through 13 years pay the posted Children's fare.
  6. The driver is included in the ticket price for personal cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses. One travel guide is also included in buses.
  7. Annual passes are valid for one calendar year; monthly passes for one calendar month; and weekly passes for one calendar week from Monday through Saturday. Tickets for a passage are valid for the ferry passage immediately following payment.
  8. A seasonal pass is valid for one round-trip daily.
  9. Cashiers are not required to accept one or two cent pieces for amounts exceeding 10 cents, nor are they required to accept severely damaged bills or coins.
  10. According to the Schwerbehinderten-Gesetz (SchwbG) (People with Disabilities Act) persons with disabilities and, if applicable, their caregiver on record, will be transported free of charge upon presentation of a valid stamp from the Welfare Department.
  11. Cancellations in ferry service due to operational disruptions, high water levels, or acts of God are not eligible for a refund.


§ 3 General Terms and Conditions

  1. Due to operational reasons, particularly the even and optimal weight distribution of cargo on the ferry, all vehicles will be directed onto the ferry by ferry personnel. The parking places assigned by the ferry personnel are to be kept.
  2. The leader of the ferry has command over all persons and activities on board, and all persons on board are required to follow his/her operational instructions or those of designated personnel.
  3. Trucks must engage the parking brake, put the vehicle in gear, and pull the ignition key upon leaving the vehicle.
  4. Two-wheeled modes of transportation must be secured to prevent falling over, or, if applicable, must be held up during passage.
  5. Passengers are liable for any damage they have caused.


General Terms and Conditions for Regularly Scheduled and Specialty Cruises (as of January 2002)

  1. The contract is considered accepted when it has been confirmed in writing by the customer.
  2. The contract confirmation (confirmed transportation contract by the customer) is to be signed and returend by the customer within 10 days to be legally binding. If the signed contract confirmation is not returned within the stated period, the Bingen-Ruedesheimer has the unconditional right to withdraw the contract.
  3. The term, Specialty Ship, implies that the ship is available exclusively to the customer. The term, Regular Scheduled Ship, implies that other passengers are also on board. Due to scheduling reasons, the name of the Regular Scheduled Ship can be announced only a few days prior to departure.
  4. Every effort is made to publish correct departure and arrival times; however, these may not be completely accurate due to varying water levels and river traffic. The Bingen-Ruedesheimer is not liable for any consequences of delays.
  5. For specialty cruises, the ship is available 30 minutes prior to contracted departure time for the boarding of passengers. The cruise is considered to be completed once all passengers have disembarked the ship. If the ship, upon special agreement, is used prior to, or particularly, beyond the agreed upon time (exceeding the return time limit) a rate of

    €200.00 applies for each commenced hour. Exceeding the return time limit must have the approval of the captain.

  6. While docked at the intermediary or destination docks, the Bingen-Rüdesheimer can use the ship at its own discretion.
  7. If a cruise is canceled or cut short due to acts of God, no claims for replacement or other indemnification will be accepted. In such cases, money paid for the cruise will be refunded in part or in total.
  8. The money for specialty cruises, under each contract number, is to be paid in adherence to the following schedule: 50% by 1 week prior to cruise date. Residual amount is to be paid within 10 days of invoice.

    In the event of non-payment of the deposit of 50% of the cruise cost prior to departure, the Bingen-Rüdesheimer has the unconditional right to withdraw the contract.

  9. By cancellation of a contracted cruise within one week prior to departure, the customer must pay a penalty of 50% of the cruise cost to cover expenses associated with making the ship available. In other cases, a processing fee of 10% of the cruise cost must be paid.
  10. No claims can be brought forth resulting from the malfunction of music or loudspeaker systems. We are not liable for the connection of music equipment, your own or that of a third-party, to the network on board. The connection of music equipment must have the approval of the captain.
  11. Docking fees for docking at docks not owned by Bingen-Rüdesheimer must be paid by the customer.
  12. The customer is liable for damages caused by cruise passengers, should the person responsible for the damage not assume liability.
  13. The restaurant on board is operated as an independent entity on its own expense and responsibility by the ship's host. Negotionas and agreements regarding food and beverage service on board can be stipulated in the contract with Bingen-Rüdesheimer and will be binding for the ship host.

    The bringing on board, sale, or drawing for beverages or other items on board is only allowed with written consent by us. We refer you to the regulations for food service.

  14. GEMA fees for a dance band hired by the customer or a dance band referred by the Bingen-Rüdesheimer must be paid by the customer. Adherence to the law protecting children and youths is the responsibility of the customer.
  15. In the event of rental of another company's ships by Bingen-Rüdesheimer for the customer, the fare and transportation regulations of the hired company apply.
  16. Transportation services are subjet to 50% of the sales tax rate. The cruise price currently includes 7% value added tax (VAT)
  17. Place of fulfillment and place of legal jurisdiction is Bingen.