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Loreley Cruise

The myth of the beautiful enchantress lives on

""I don't know the reason..." - is the opening line of the well-known poem by German literary giant, Heinrich Heine, that tells the story of a beautiful, blond woman named Lorelei. During nights of the full moon, she reportedly sat on the steep rocks, singing and combing her long, blond hair. Her beauty and song were so enchanting, that boatmen of the Rhine were spellbound and completely forgot about the dangerous cliffs of the river. Their boats shattered on the rocks, and the beautiful Lorelei sent the men to an early grave.

The Lorelei, one of many fables of the Middle Rhine Valley, has not lost any of its magical appeal. Reason enough to sign up for a Lorelei Cruise with the Bingen-Rüdesheimer Cruise Co. But the route between Bingen / Rüdesheim and St. Goar / St. Goarshausen offers a lot more. The unique natural and cultural landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage Valley between Koblenz and Rüdesheim, with its vineyards, steep rocks, and romantic towns, offers a wonderful backdrop for every vacation dream. An exciting mix of castles and wine, chateaus and cruises. Who has not dreamed of being a lady-of-the-manor or a knight of one of the proud castles along the Rhine? Who would not want to take a trip back in time? While we can no longer storm and conquer the castles, our imagination can take flight on the Lorelei Cruise. Perhaps you will even find one of the golden hairs of the enchantress on one of your explorations . . .

Of course, you can also plan a stay in St. Goar. Take the Loreley 1 to St. Goar and the Loreley 2.


Ticket Prices


  23.00 €

From Rüdesheim or Bingen to

Bacharach 14.40 € 16.40 €
Kaub 17.40 € 19.40 €
St. Goar or St. Goarshausen 20.00 € 23.00 €

From Assmannshausen to

Bacharach 10,80 € 12,80 €
St. Goar or St. Goarshausen 18.50 € 21.00 €

From Bacharach to

St. Goar or St. Goarshausen 13.80 € 15.80 €
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