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MS Ehrenfels

Efficient and always ready to go

The castle Ehrenfels on the Rhine presents a striking image in the narrow bend of the River. This is also the case with the passenger ship by the same name. In operation since 1990, the "MS Ehrenfels" is a spacious mode of transportation that meets the demands of today's traveler. The ship services regular scheduled routes, round-trip tours and special event cruises with equal ease. Powerful engines ensure that all destinations are reached within an appropriate timeframe without compromising the unique panorama of the scenery along the River. Through special noise reduction measures, the propulsion of the ship is reduced to a quiet hum, and passengers can relax and enjoy the tremendous views afforded by the large windows along the side of the ship. Low window sills allow outstanding views from every angle. The passenger ship, "MS Ehrenfels" is in operation all year. Special Thermo-glass panes and an efficient heating system produce a cozy and warm atmosphere even in inclement weather. A full kitchen with large coolers, as well as a cake and drink buffet, serve to ensure the wellbeing of the passengers. Enjoy the comforts and amenities this ship has to offer the entire way!



Total length: 48,37 meter
Total width: 9,20 meter
Height: 9 meter
Total Seating capacity: 350