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MS Vater Rhein (MS Father Rhine)

Multifaceted and flexible

Father Rhine – the ship could not be more aptly named, as it highlights the close relationship between the white dream ship and the most beautiful section of the great European waterway. In operation since 1995, the "MS Father Rhine" ranks among the largest white Rhine vessels that provide visitors with a unique experience of the River and its spectacular cultural landscape. The interior is striking in its clever and flexible division of space. While the main deck, with its ballroom that can be partitioned off, is particularly well-suited for specialty events, the upper deck, reachable via a broad and easy-to-navigate staircase, presents a sprawling area for line passengers to relax and enjoy the ride. The large windows that afford panoramic views of the area are enticing, and soon the viewer is lost in the beautiful scenery. All passenger areas feature a light color scheme and fresh decor, which have a soothing effect on the eye and spirit. The inviting dining area, complete with a cake buffet, as well as the efficient kitchen on board, indulge guests with delectable treats along the entire route. If you are also looking for entertainment, a dance floor located near the entry is available for specialty cruises. The open deck allows passengers to feel the sun and breeze on their skin, and, floating on gentle waves, the "Father Rhine" brings the Rhine experience even closer.



Total length: 54 meter
Total width: 10,20 meter
Height: 9.5 meter
Seats: 450