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Passenger Ferry

A declaration of love for the good old yet ever so modern mode of transportation

The closure of the Hindenburg Bridge to road traffic led to the creation of the passenger ferry "City of Bingen," and the car ferry, "City of Ruedesheim" in 1933. To increase passenger capacity, the cooperative ordered the construction of the MS "Regierungsrat Milatz" (Executive Council Milatz) the same year. Word War II did not spare the Rhine Valley, including the shipyard of the Bingen-Ruedesheimer cooperative. It was not until 1946 that the ferries were operational again.


Please also use the car ferry for passenger transport

Passenger Ferry

Adults one way 2.50 €
Roundtrip 4.50 €
Children (6 through 14 years of age) one way 1.25 €
Roundtrip 2.25 €

Weekly Passes
(valid for 2 passages per day Monday - Saturday)

Adults 12.00 €
Adults with bicycle/moped 15.00 €

10- punch Card
(valid for only 1 person; NON - TRANSFERABLE)

Adults 17.00 €

Monthly Passes

Students 23.00 €


Bicycles, handcarts, and other items 1.20 €
Closest Parking opportunity coordinates: N°49.969758, E° 7.897585
Departures: Docks 4 and 5

Tickets & Information:
Hindenburganlage (Hindenburg Complex)
55411 Bingen
Tel.: 06721/30 80 80 or 06721/30 80 824

Closest Parking opportunity coordinates: N°49.977917, E° 7,924793
Departures: Docks 8 or 10

Tickets & Information:
Rheinstr. 29
65385 Rüdesheim
Tel. 06721/30 80 80 or 06721/30 80 824

Not liable for deviations from posted arrival/departure times; nor consequences resulting from not docking at posted stations, or the cancellation of a crossing.
Schedules and ticket prices subject to change without notice. All information provided without guarantee.