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Special Events 

Carnival Cruise to Mainz

The Mainz Carnival is the Mainz folk festival, the famous fifth season. Shrovetide, these are great days and acclaimed nights

Mother's Day Brunch

Come to Mother's Day brunch aboard our ship and experience with your loved ones an unforgettable Mother's Day in an elegant atmosphere of our ship salons...

Mother's Day Lunch

Experience an unforgettable Mother's Day with your loved ones and enjoy the trip to the Loreley on board our ship...


Summerlights of Mainz

If you want to experience the spectacle on Saturday evening, you can secure one of the exclusive ship tickets here...

Rhine in Flames

Enjoy the fireworks aboard our ships, grab one of our entertained tickets here ..

New Year's Eve Cruise

The last evening of the old year is full of magic. On our MS Rhenus you will be pampered and can experience a magical evening, here further information...

Winter Events 


Pure romance in contemplative Christmas mood awaits you as the ship travels along vineyards lined banks, castles and idyllic towns...

Christmas Castle Rheinstein

We drive you to the "Christmas Castle Rheinstein" true to the motto, there is a festively decorated castle and boat ride